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Renotex Technologies is a technology Solutions company located in Uganda. Our sole focus is the development and support high value  service and operate more profitably. Working together with our integration

partners, we provide a complete array of business solutions with integrated GPS Tracking, including Work Order Management, Schedule/Dispatch.

Tracking is an advanced, easy to use GPS tracking solution that gives you immediate control of your mobile workforce.  Imagine knowing exactly when and where your employees are  working, and what they are doing with your vehicles and  equipment. Never again second-guess if overtime hours or job  times are accurate, or what your employee may be doing with  your vehicles after work. When you KNOW, you are in control.

Renotex provides the real business intelligence you need to easily:
-Verify Payroll Hours and Overtime.
-Ensure Proof of Service
- Cut Vehicle Operating and Fuel Expenses
- Eliminate Side Jobs and Unnecessary Vehicle Use
- Verify Actual Arrival and Departure Times

Some of the major benefits of deploying Tracking system in you car include;

1. Major advantage of car tracking is that you will be able to know the location of your vehicle at a particular time. In case the vehicle was stolen, it can easily be located

2. One of the most popular advantages of a GPS tracking device is when it is used as a vehicle navigator. If you are new to a place, you do not have to worry about getting lost and asking for directions if your car has a GPS tracking device.

3. Most office managers are able to carefully supervise a workforce for maximum efficiency. However, when you employees are always on the road in company vehicles, that control is lost.

4. Another advantage of car tracking device, affords you an enhanced level of control over your business. You'll know where your vehicles are at all times. This allows you to communicate timeframes for service calls or deliveries to your customers with confidence.

5. Company managers in transport business are able to carefully supervise a workforce of there vehicles for maximum efficiency especially when company vehicles are out in

The more equipment you buy, the less you pay.



1 Vehicle

2-10 Vehicles

more than 10 Vehicles

Equipment fee per vehicle




Professional Installation




 Monthly fee per vehicle




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