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Scope of Service
Remedial and / or preventive maintainance of equipment at reasonable times consistent with client’s security regulations, Renotex Media & Technologies shall undertake preventive maintainance on computer hardware.
Our preventive maintainance includes;
            - General cleaning and dusting of CPU (Including inside of CPU)
            - General Cleaning of Keyboard and Mouse
            - Cleaning of CD ROM / DVD ROM, and Floppy Disk Drives
            - Rectification of any other problems requested by the user

LAN (Local Area Network)
- Rectification of any spoilt RJ45
- Assigning relevant IP addresses to all equipments

- General Cleaning of printer
- Blowing out dust, paper and other foreign bodies
- Lubrication of head guide (for Dot matrix Printer and Inkjet printer)
- Cleaning of imaging drum for laser printer
- Rectification of any other problems requested by the user

- Cleaning of UPS and checking of battery Levels
- Rectification of Malfunctioning Equipment if no Parts are required
- Rectification of any other problems requested by user

Remedial Maintenance

Renotex Media & Technologies will provide remedial maintainance on hardware and software (Operating System and MS Office) during the validity period of the annual Maintainance contract on per call basis. Remedial maintainance refers to the provision of labour rendered to the client, to keep the faulty computer equipment to proper and acceptable working conditions in reasonable time.